Did you know that the state of Colorado is home to twenty state-run prisons which are managed by the Colorado Department of Corrections?

It's no secret that crime in Colorado is higher than it was a couple of decades ago, but just how many inmates are in Colorado prisons right now? Which prison holds the most inmates?

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How Many People Are In Colorado Prisons?

According to a report from the Colorado Department of Public Safety, the number of inmates in Colorado prisons is up from 16,391 at the end of 2022, to about 17,481 as we close out 2023. Moderate growth of the prison population is expected over the next five years with CDPS projecting a population of 21,776 inmates by 2029, an increase of about 33%. Access a PDF of the report here.

Which Colorado Prison Has the Most Prisoners?

Sterling Correctional Facility Prison
Google Street

The state-run prison in Colorado with the most inmates is the Sterling Correctional Facility, which holds around 2,500 inmates. Max capacity is 2545 inmates.

Colorado's second-largest state-run prison is the Freemont Correctional Facility in Canon City, which can hold up to 1,661 inmates.

Find a complete list of Colorado state-run prisons and their maximum capacity here.

Who Are the People In Colorado State Prisons?

The report from the Colorado Department of Public Safety says there are currently about 17,481 inmates in the Centennial State. About 16,062 are males, and 1,422 are females. A breakdown of prisoners shows that 41% of Colorado's inmate population is Caucasian, 30% are Hispanic, 17% are African American, 3% Native American, and about 1% Asian.

Keep going to learn more about where Colorado's prisons are located, and the extreme security measures in place to keep people safe who work inside.

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