While my parents spent their honeymoon in Colorado's Rocky Mountains, it did not dawn on them to name any of their kids after the cities or towns they visited. While I love my name and am thankful they did not decide on Eugene or Biff, today's question has me considering a name change.

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We asked, "What would it be if you could only name your child after a city or town in Colorado?" Keep scrolling to see some of the more popular and creative answers.

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I'm Changing My Name To This Colorado Town

I'm going to try to change my name to Leadville. Leadville Adams. Has a nice ring to it. When I come to work, I could also be DJ Leadville. This wouldn't make much sense to anyone living outside of Colorado, but we had a few people suggest this in response to our question of the day. For some reason, the more I thought about it, the more I liked this as a first name.

What's Your Colorado Town Name Going To Be?

Listener Steve Harding suggested that he would name his next child Cotopaxi Harding. This has a great ring to it. He said, "If not that, then Joe or Craig." I told him Craig would be a great middle name. Cotopaxi Craig Harding. It sounds like that person should be our next Governor. What a totally Colorado name. Nice!

Scroll through the gallery below to see what other names we came up with based on some of Colorado's most popular cities and towns. Add your name by sending us a message with our station app.

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