The outdoor season is almost upon us in the Centennial State, and it won't be long before Coloradans are ready to enjoy an evening campfire in the wilderness. This means it is also the time of year to brush up on the dos and don'ts of burning firewood.

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Does Colorado enforce a "50-mile Firewood Rule" like other states? What are the specifics for safely using firewood in Colorado, and protecting our forests from invasive species?

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Colorado's Rules for Firewood Use

Colorado does not allow guests to bring firewood into the state from areas infested with regulated forest pests. Transporting wood into Colorado from areas infested with fire ants, spongy mothsspotted lanternflies, and the Asian longhorned beetle is against the law and puts all our forests at risk.

Firewood purchased or gathered in Colorado should not be transported out of state due to the risk of emerald ash borer and thousand cankers disease of walnut.

Buy Firewood Where You Burn Firewood

The Colorado Firewood Task Force encourages Coloradans to purchase firewood near where they plan to burn it. This rule is enforced year-round at Colorado's Rocky Mountain National Park where all firewood must be purchased at area campgrounds within an approved distance of park boundaries. Most campgrounds in Colorado have a firewood policy you can learn more about by calling before transporting firewood.

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 Find Local Firewood Suppliers

The Colorado State Forest Service has a handy map showing where you can find firewood and fuelwood that is safe to use in the Centennial State. You can see this map here, along with more than 90 businesses that supply firewood and fuelwood that is safe for use in Colorado. Happy camping!

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