Colorado's summer weather is right around the corner, and with the summer season comes summertime cravings for our favorite ice cream. America's most popular ice cream flavors include Ben and Jerry's, Breyers, Baskin Robbins, Turkey Hill, Tillamook, and Blue Bell.

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Of the most popular brands in America, which ice cream is Colorado's favorite? Trace One recently completed a survey to determine which ice cream brand is the favorite in all 50 states. Let's see if they got either of Colorado's two favorite ice cream brands correct.

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Blue Bell Ice Cream

Trace One used an analysis of Google trends data to see which brand of ice cream residents of each state searched for the most. Colorado, along with 21 other states, searched 'Blue Bell Ice Cream' more than any other brand.

Blue Bell, a Texas-based company, did not expand out of its home state until around 1980. The creamery began using the name Blue Bell in 1930, naming their creamery after the Texas state flower. Blue Bell makes more than 250 different frozen desserts and offers more than 66 ice cream flavors, with more than 20 available year-round.

Colorado's Sweet Cow Ice Cream

Colorado's second most popular brand of ice cream is one that is made right here in the Centennial State. Trace One found that after 'Bue Bell,' Coloradans searched for a regional creamery named Sweet Cow Ice Cream based in Louisville, Colorado. Sweet Cow Ice Cream shops rotate flavors about once every 12 days to ensure variety for their customers.

Right now, Sweet Cow Ice Cream has seven Colorado locations. Find out more about their flavors and locations here.

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