Could it be that a trek to get a famous $4.99 rotisserie chicken from a warehouse store is one step closer to becoming a reality for the residents of Greeley? We've had our hopes and wishes that Costco would come to Greeley for quite a while now and it appears that our pleas for another Northern Colorado location have been heard.

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While having a Costco membership is great, those of us who live in Greeley, Johnstown, Milliken, and other areas in surrounding Weld County know that making a trek to the Timanth or Longmont Costco is quite the event based on how far away the two warehouse stores are. Sometimes my wife and I question if it is worth going to Costco for only a couple of items knowing how much time it takes just to drive there and back.

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According to the Greeley Tribune, there are development plans that have been submitted for 291-acre commercial and residential development and Costco is on the docket for being one of the three big retailers.

Where Would The Weld County Costco Likely Be Located?

The Greeley Tribune states the development could be on the south side of Highway 34 between Weld County Road 17 and Colorado Highway 257. This development shows interest in adding both small and large retail stores, restaurants, lodging, entertainment, offices, and more. The proposed development would also include a medical center campus, a grocery store, banks, and hotels.

Currently, LAI Design Group Inc. of Colorado, on behalf of Roche Constructors Inc., has already had two pre-application meetings for the development named Uptown. By the sounds of it, this development project is still in the early stages and nothing is set in when it comes to being finalized as of yet.

Other Stores We Would Like To See in Greeley's Uptown Development

Living in Johnstown does have its drawbacks when it comes to stores. Currently, there isn't much when it comes to retail, home improvement, and department stores. With the new addition of the Ledge Rock Center, there will be new retail stores opening soon. However, we're still missing a few key locations even after the new development opens.


Here is what I would love to see come into the Uptown development:

  • Lowe's or Home Depot - Needing to drive to either Loveland or Greeley for an item at one of these stores takes quite a bit of time and gas.
  • King Soopers - Those of us who like to shop at King Soopers and live in this area either have to go to one of three King Soopers locations. West Greeley, Loveland, or Windsor. It would be nice to be able to have your preferred grocery store closer than a 20-minute drive in each direction.
  • Auto Parts Store - Auto parts stores like O'Reilly Auto Parts, Auto Zone, and Advance Auto Parts would be helpful for a quick in-and-out stop when working on a vehicle. Nothing takes your focus and attention out of a car repair quicker than having to make a 15 to 20-minute drive to get the part you need.


What other stores would you like to see at the proposed Uptown development in Weld County?

Source: Greeley Tribune

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