If you happen to be looking for an old home with some charm and in need of a little TLC on the cheap in Colorado, we may have just found the perfect place for you. This home located in Frederick, Colorado is currently the cheapest single-family home for sale in Weld County, Colorado.

Listed at $205,000 on Realtor, the home has one bedroom, one bathroom, 756 square feet of living space, and is on a quarter-acre of land. While the home has water supplied to the property from the city of Frederick, the listing states that there is also a well on the lot.

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Built in 1904, this home features a one-car garage converted into a workshop but can easily be reverted back into a functional garage. The house is in clear need of numerous renovations, but if you are handy and want to dive into a bunch of DIY projects to make the home your own, you could get a great deal at only $205,000. At that price point, it is nearly unheard of these days when it comes to Colorado real estate.

This 1904 Home is the Cheapest House for Sale in Weld County

Listed at $205,000 this 120-year-old home in Frederick, Colorado is the cheapest single-family home for sale in Weld County, Colorado.

Gallery Credit: Matt Sparx

For more information on this home located at 536 Dunmire Street in Frederick, Colorado, listed for $205,000, learn more at realtor.com.

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