There are always unique ways of congratulating a political candidate on winning an election. One might send them a public congratulations while others may want to send a bottle of champagne. One Colorado police department had a fun way of congratulating the newly elected mayor of a Denver Metro Area city.

The Lakewood Police Department took to Twitter to congratulate Wendi Strom, mayoral candidate, for the city of Lakewood. While this might seem like nothing out of the ordinary, I couldn't help but giggle a little bit when I saw what they were asking for.

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This is what the Lakewood Police Department tweeted:

We'd like to congratulate mayor elect Wendi Strom.

When Would be a good time to discuss some necessities for the police department? We NEED these.

The tweet had two photos attached. One photo is of a Ferrari police supercar and the other is a police helicopter.

While I think we can all have a pretty good laugh at the tweet from the Lakewood Police Department, Wendi Strom, the newly elected mayor of Lakewood certainly isn't Santa Claus. As of the time of writing this article, Wendi Strom has not responded to the tweet sent out by the Lakewood Police Department.

We totally understand that the tweet from the Lakewood Police Department was in good fun. At least we think it was. If it wasn't and they are really wanting a Ferrari police car, I hope I am never caught going over the speed limit in Lakewood, Colorado. Then again, it would be a really cool story to keep in my back pocket.

You'll never believe it, but I was pulled over by a Ferrari police car in Lakewood!

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