Being somewhat of a building geek, I am very aware of what a 3D printer is capable of. I have a 3D printer that I have used countless times to make useful parts as well as making little fun trinkets and decorations. In the past few years, 3D printing technology has come a long way so much so that machines can now print homes.

3D Printed Homes Are Being Built in Northern Colorado

Habitat for Humanity is currently building the largest community in the western United States in Northern Colorado and some of the homes will be 3D printed. The Hope Springs neighborhood located in Greeley, Colorado, will have a total of 491 new affordable homes.

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According to the Colorado Sun, the local Habitat for Humanity chapters build three to five regional homes per year. The Weld-Greeley Habitat for Humanity plans on building 50 homes within the next year.


Alquist 3D Printed Homes

Alquist 3D relocated its headquarters from Iowa to Greeley, Colorado to become the hub for new construction technologies. Alquist 3D will be printing all of the homes in the Habitat for Humanity community in Greeley. The 3D-printed homes will be built from layering concrete. This method of building a home is said to reduce the time in construction of a home and at a lower cost versus traditional construction methods. To see how a 3d printed home is made, check out the video of the 3D printing process at


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