It's 303 Day, and Coloradans across the state are celebrating - but what exactly are we celebrating, and why?

The date, March 3, and the numbers, 3-0-3, might not mean much to a good majority of the country, but to Coloradans, today's date and the numerics that coincide with it hold much significance.

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What Makes March 3, a.k.a "303" So Special To Colorado?

Whether you've lived in Colorado your entire life or you're just simply full of state knowledge, you're likely aware that the numbers 3-0-3 hold much value to Coloradans, as the 3-digit number signifies the most known and coveted area code in the state of Colorado.

According to 9News, the 303 area code was first implemented 75 years ago in the Centennial State. Beginning in 1947 and for over four decades, the 303 area code served as the primary and only area code in the entire state of Colorado.

Then, after 41 years - in 1988, a geographic split led to Colorado's second area code - 719 - which wound up covering a large portion of counties south and east of the Denver metro area.

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Bring on the area codes: In 1995, the 970 area code was brought into the mix, and now covers a vast majority of the state.

In the 90s, those who boasted a 303 area code included just a handful of Colorado counties surrounding and including the metro Denver area.

Fast forward to the late '90s, as Colorado's population continued to grow and the state found itself running out of 303 phone numbers for the population, a fourth area code was introduced - 720. Beginning in 1998, the 720 area code helped over the same, growing metro area that the 303 area code had already been serving.

Another One: This year, the state of Colorado will introduce a new area code: As Colorado finds itself facing the same issue of not having enough phone numbers for its residents, 9News says the state will introduce its fifth area code – 983 – this April, to help cover the same areas that the 303 and 720 area codes currently serve.

How To Celebrate 303 Day In Colorado

CO Governor Jared Polis said it best via a tweet on Thursday, Mar. 3; "On 303 Day, we celebrate all things that make Denver and Colorado unique and amazing from local food and shops, to the unbeatable views our state has to offer." 

As such, there isn't just one specific way to celebrate the official-unofficial holiday, but many ways to celebrate Colorado - today and every day.

But, in case you needed a reason to treat yourself to a nice meal out at your favorite local restaurant, or a reason to spend the day basking in the great Colorado outdoors, 303 Day is the perfect excuse to do it all.

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