I have a confession: I am a sucker for shiny, new technology.  I can't keep myself from pining after the latest gadget or gizmo, and this is no exception.

Today (just a few hours ago, in fact), Apple unveiled the iPad 2, the second iteration of Apple's tablet PC.  Just as I feared, I want it.  Bad.

The iPad 2 promises to be up to twice as fast as its predecessor with up to nine times faster graphics, all with no sacrifice to battery power.  And all this cutting edge goodness comes in a more compact package:  The iPad 2 is an unheard-of 8.8mm thick, officially making it thinner than an iPhone 4 (9.3mm).  Check out the official video below!

The price of the iPad will range from $499 to $829, and it will be available to purchase in stores and online on March 11th.  Guess I better start saving my pennies!

Of course, the iPad isn't the only tablet on the market.  Which one would you choose?  Leave me comments below!

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