This interactive Google Map will not only give you access to the Wi-Fi at Denver International Airport, but most other major airports around the world, too.

Piotr Adamowicz/ThinkStock

Nothing is worse than having a long layover (or just being appropriately early for your flight) without Wi-Fi, because it is 2016 after all -- what, did you really expect us to like, read a magazine? Then we sit at our gate asking ourselves 'Do I fork over a few bucks for an hour of Wi-Fi... DO I?'

Thanks to this map of airport Wi-Fi passwords, you may never feel that pain again.

Bless you, Mental Floss, you sweet, sweet website full of so much useless yet valuable information. According to Mental Floss' Rebecca O'Connell, 'Travel blogger, computer security engineer, and internet Robin Hood Anil Polat has put together an amazingly helpful map that provides the Wi-Fi passwords of most airports.'

So, enjoy. Click on the map below to see the full interactive version on Google Maps.

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