Hairstylists and Barbers should be seeing an influx of traffic to their salons and Barber shops as two of our most famous celebrities have cut their most famous locks. It is really causing quite a buzz…pun intended.

Jennifer Aniston, whose famous Friends-era style caused a frenzy in the 1990’s, was seen in Madrid, Spain on a photo call while promoting her new movie “Just Go With It” with costar Adam Sandler. (See the photo at left) Missing was several inches of blonde beauty and the style, eerily a little reminiscent to the “Rachel” was that of a chin-length bob.

As for the “Rachel” Jennifer said in an article in Allure magazine that she thought the cut was the ugliest haircut she’d ever seen. Speaking for millions of guys back then, I totally disagree.

The biggest music sensation from the Great White North also made shearing news as Justin Bieber, the 16 year old pop star traded in his trademark “shaggy dog” coif, bangs and all, for a more mature do. I must admit he looks quite handsome. See for yourself here

As news of Bieber’s date with scissors went viral, tweets were flying everywhere, “The Biebs” tweeted on his own saying that his now fallen locks of hair were swept up and headed to various charities for auction.