Since being built, Denver International Airport has been surrounded in controversy and conspiracy theories. There are weird, creepy murals, underground tunnels, alleged influence from the Illuminati, and of course, the infamous 'Blue Mustang' sculpture affectionately known as 'Blucifer' by Coloradans.

However, not everyone believes all, or any of the conspiracies surrounding the airport. In fact, a news reporter took a tour of D.I.A. with an employee that brought a sense of, well, sense to the conspiracies and explained that the airport is not as eerie and ominous as many have speculated.

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For example, the 'creepy' murals were actually created to promote peace, the Freemasons contributed funds to help create the airport, the underground tunnels are simply put into place to transport baggage, and 'Blucifer's' eyes are red because the artist's father worked with neon as were created as such as a tribute.

Take a virtual tour of Denver International Airport and take in a different perspective:

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