Chances are that you have probably seen a video or two from an online content creator who goes by the name Dude Dad. Dude Dad has some hilarious videos that we can all relate to, even if you don't have kids.

Dude Dad's real name is Taylor Calmus and lives with his wife, Heidi,  and two kids in Fort Collins. Prior to moving to The Choice City, Taylor and Heidi lived in Los Angeles for about a decade according to the Coloradoan.

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Dude Dad's social media outlets stack up to a lot of high-profile names. Youtube subscribers top 372,000 and video views soar to over 70 million. On Facebook, Dude Dad has more than 3.2 million followers, and on the platform, TikTok, there are over half a million followers and 8.2 million likes on the videos.

These are just a few of the videos that I either find totally relatable or just plain funny:

The Missing 10-millimeter Socket: I can never find mine. I have at least a half dozen 10=millimeter sockets in my toolbox. However, I can't ever find one when I need it. EVER.

@dudedadvlogThe Full Metal Socket is available in ! ##10mm ##10mmsocket ##dudedad♬ original sound - Dude Dad

Living in Colorado for Two Weeks:

@dudedadvlog Lives 2 weeks in Colorado ##colorado ##transplant ##coloradobelike ♬ original sound - Dude Dad

My Husband During Home Renovations: This is me. Every single second is me in this video.

My Wife During Home Renovations: My wife may not verbalize her thoughts, but I swear these things run through her head anytime I take on a project.

5 Stages of Renovation: "Fort Collins Parade of Homes here we come... What could go wrong, right?"

Now any time you see one of Dude Dad's videos, you'll be looking for places that you recognize in Fort Collins. Check out more of Dude Dad's content on YouTube, Facebook, and TikTok. Additionally, you can check out his website at

Dude Dad will also be the host of an upcoming TV series called "Super Dad" where he will help dads build one-of-a-kind playhouses for their kids. Super Dad will premier on Discovery+ on July 15. Super Dad will also premiere on the Magnolia Network which is a TV Network by Chip and Joanna Gaines in January 2022.

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