What's the most Colorado thing you've seen this week? For me, it's this brand-new dating app, 'Dig', which launched in Denver this June.

Dig aims to connect not just you and a new boo, but you, a boo, and his/her pooch. Cute. 

According to the Denver Post, Dig works off of the basic fact that nearly half of all single adults in the U.S. are pet owners. Putting a dog in your photo on a dating app obviously does wonders for the guys and girls in this town (because my god, you're including so many pictures of your dog on Tinder right now, anyway). Now, there's an app just for you, pet lovers.

Pets are obviously a part of the family, and you want your new beau to like your family...so why not create an app centered around the furry friend in your life? Download the app and learn more right here.

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