Stormzilla 2016 is gradually making its way to the Front Range. What it will do once it gets here remains a mystery.

Corey Reppenhagen, a meteorologist from Denver 7, offers insight into the scenarios and variables that could either cause significant snowfall or just a lot of rain.

FAQ about this Spring Storm:

What the heck is going on with this storm? 

"well, we got a pretty big storm system coming in and starting to dive down into just the right position, we know it's big, and we know it's going to deliver a lot of moisture. "

Do you meteorologists just live for this kind of thing? 

"Well, yeah, you know these spring storms are really tricky some of us say yes, we live for it, and others just hate these things because there are so many variables that go into it."

How much snow are we going to get? 

"A lot of people want to focus on how much snow are we going to get, what are the roads going to be like.  It's difficult to tell right now.  There will be about 2 inches of moisture overall available at the lower elevations, so that's what we have available for snowmaking and temperatures will be cold enough for most of that to fall as snow so we're looking at anywhere, highest possible, with an 8 to 1 snow/liquid ratio would be 16 inches somewhere along the I-25 corridor." 


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