Uh, yikes. An Oklahoma City man was accused of murdering his family over his own obsession with Selena Gomez. What in the world happened?

The Daily Mail reports that Daniel Green, 40, was arrested following the murders of his 57-year-old mother, Sallie, his sister Rebecca Cizek, 34, and Cizek's two children, Katherine, 16 and seven-month-old Amario Dominguez III on Wednesday night (Aug. 15).

There's no motive yet known for the murders, but Green's Facebook page showed a bizarre obsession with the 'Come & Get It' singer. He posted numerous photos of Gomez all over his Facebook wall calling her "yummy" and writing, "I want her [to] be my eternal wife and the queen of my kingdom forever. Hey, I love her more than god, my momma, my dad, Jesus, myself and ya'll." Another post read, "I would practically do anything just too [sic] spend 30 minutes."

Psychologist Steven Sternlof told News 9 that Green's obsession with Gomez was probably a warning sign of his mental issues.

"Someone that may have an obsession, in this case with a celebrity, might have a compulsion to respond in a certain way, thinking that this celebrity is in love with them or they're in love with the celebrity and they need to be close together, and they may need to stop others that are interfering in that relationship."

Our thoughts are with the families, friends and loved ones of all those lost in this terrifying tragedy -- as well as with Gomez, who we hope stays safe.