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Rare White Squirrel Spotted in Colorado
White squirrels are rarely seen in Colorado. There are "white" gray squirrels that have a "morph" and then there are albino squirrels that would have pink eyes. Hard to tell which one this is.
Orange Bobcat Spotted in Southeast Colorado
When I think of a bobcat or a lynx, a grayish-brown cat is the first thing that comes to mind. Turns out that in the warmer season, bobcats can take on an orange coat. A woman east of Castle Rock, Colorado, captured this picture of an orange bobcat getting a drink in her backyard...
New Zoning for Mobile Home Parks in Fort Collins
This past Tuesday Fort Collins City Council members approved a new zoning district around mobile home park preservation and an extension on a moratorium on park redevelopment. This will allow them the rest of the year to rezone Fort Collins mobile home parks preventing redevelopment and the thr…

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