Can you believe it?  It took just two and a half years for Apple to celebrate its 10 Billionth app download. That’s 10 Billion with a “B”! It’s hard to imagine anything in terms of billions except for maybe the world population or of course the country’s deficit but I digress.

To celebrate this incredible milestone, today Apple gave away an iTunes gift card worth $10,000. The lucky winner, Gail Davis, from Orpington, Kent, U.K. admitted it was actually her daughters who downloaded the app in the first place and was “dumbstruck” when Apple contacted her to give her the good news.

So what was the now famous 10 Billionth app download you may be asking? It is “Paper Glider” a game where you see how far you can throw a paper airplane across a room and yes I’ve already downloaded it into my iPhone. I wonder what Apple will do for their 20 Billionth?